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Hi Beauties!

Here is a quick short post. I just wanted to share what I recently purchased. This month I have solely been obsessed with getting my hands on jewelry pieces. Here are a few more items I purchased on some very economical rates, I must say. 

Traditional Indian jewelry
First, I have the pendant set which has a pendant, ear studs, and a ring. It does not come with a chain. The design is very common but widely used. You will see this design in every family made in pure gold. I like the look of this set how it gives the gold like effect. The champagne color stone allows it to be worn with any dress as its a neutral color and can be pulled off with most dresses. There are other colors available as well. I saw the man having it in lilac, white and ruby red. The set is priced at Rs. 600. 

Pendant set with Champagne stones

Pendant set with Champagne stones
I love this pair. Its for formal wear only. I can't pull it off as casual pieces, this is something I can wear at weddings or parties only. But I love the style, design and size of these air studs. They have green and maroon embellishments with zircon stones. You will not believe, they are priced at Rs. 200 only. 

Traditional Indian studs

Traditional Indian studs - back view
This pair, if you notice carefully, has a drop like shape. It is hardly noticeable but the pair isn't completely round, its a little pointy, like a droplet. The white stones pointing downwards is where the pointy shape lies. The outer rim is lined with green colored embellishments while the inner has white transparent zircon ans maroon embellishments. Its priced at just Rs. 300.  

Traditional Indian studs

Traditional Indian studs - back view
Man, this vendor is just so damn reasonable. I mean who sells these items on such low prices. I have seen these pieces being charged three to four times the price I have paid for them. I am in the air considering I purchased these jewelry items at such reasonable prices. I purchased them from the same guy who has a small stall at Link Road just opposite to McDonald's. The only draw back I find with the Indian style studs is their pointy ends, the ones we stick in the ears are a bit thick. But this is the problem I find with most of these jewelry pieces. I just don't understand why cant they keep it thin. It just hurts a lot when I try sticking them in my ears, my pierced holes are not that wide. 

Hope you liked my purchases. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. I just love reading your comments as they make my day. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! XOXO  

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