Sunday Groomings

9:57 AM

Hi Beauties!

I did not feel like blogging and yet I wanted to do a post. So I came up with the idea of posting about my weekend beauty rituals routine. I am so getting my laziness fits these days. Anyhow being a working woman (there is supposed to be a term "working girl", working woman sounds so grown up and aged), weekend is the best time to catch up with myself and that includes grooming myself to look presentable enough (meaning plucking eye brows and threading my upper lips to look sane). So here are a few things I used yesterday. 

Skin+i hand spa ritual, Skin+i foot spa ritual, Me Col facial mask in grapes, Dr. Snow plateau salvia-root brightening eye mask, Pantene oil replacement
Me Col facial mask has been my to go product this Winters due to its hydrating and cleansing properties. I admit the gooey part on the skin sucks but the results are awesome. Good thing is, it has gone even cheaper than before which means I can buy more for less amount. I have already reviewed this mask before so you can read its review here

Me Col facial mask in grapes
My two most favorite beauty products due to their efficiency and no mess; Skin+i hand and foot spa rituals. You can read their reviews here and here

Skin+i foot spa ritual

Skin+i hand spa ritual
Next for my dark circles I have this Dr. Snow plateau salvia-root brightening eye mask which does wonders for my eyes. I have not reviewed it yet but sure will now. I have seen the result on my cousin who has quite prominent dark circles and I was amazed how it worked. My jaw literally fell open when I saw the clear difference. 

Dr. Snow plateau salvia-root brightening eye mask

Lastly Pantene's oil replacement which I used for the first time. What have been the results? Well, you will have to wait to find that out. 

Pantene's oil replacement
So this is it girls for my beauty routine that I followed yesterday taking advantage of the peaceful Sunday. What did you do on your Sunday? Write back to me as I would love to know your beauty routines. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! XOXO

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