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Hi Beauties!

I am sure you must have read all the reviews on Platinum.pk on different blogs by now. I guess I am the last one to be doing it. But better late than never, right? If you are someone who has been following my posts for sometime you must have a fair idea that I prefer handbags with ample space since I like to carry my world in my handbag. It is why I opted for a large handbag that would fit most of my daily stuff. Read further to find out more about my purchase. 

Gray Peacocks handbag
I absolutely loved how Platinum has their own customized boxes for handbags delivery. Usually when items are to be delivered via courier companies, online stores prefer cardboard packaging by the courier companies. Not the case with Platinum, they have their own cardboard boxes with their logo and social media links mentioned on the box. To me, these small efforts and gestures speak volumes about the professionalism of the company. Below the cardboard packaging, the bag comes wrapped in a plastic bag with safety instructions for the kids. 

Gray Peacocks handbag
I ordered a peacocks handbag in Gray color, since its a neutral color and can go with a number of dresses. Plus the style was different and has ample of space. Its an everyday use handbag and store a lot of my world in itself. 

The product code for this bag is: 336.
Measurements are: 28 (L) x 21 (H) x 16 (W) cm
Material: Polyurethane
Color: Gray

I love its flap that has two buckles and the loop like design in the middle. The two buckles have button underneath which close the flap. The top does not have any zip. It comes with two options of handles. One is the long strap and the other is the small one right at the top. You can wear it on your shoulder or hold it in your hand from the small handle. 

Gray Peacocks handbag - front view
The back side is totally plain. I would have liked a zip pocket at the back though.

Gray Peacocks handbag - back view

Gray Peacocks handbag

Gray Peacocks handbag

Gray Peacocks handbag - buckle button

Gray Peacocks handbag - small handle

Gray Peacocks handbag - shoulder handle hook
Inner of the handbag is lined with silk. It has one mobile pocket and an inner zip pocket. The bag is one big empty space to keep all your stuff. I just place my organizer in it and I am good to go. Even with my organizer pouch, the bag is left with quite some space to place more stuff. I have used this bag for travelling purposes as well and it fit my need well. I was a bit worried that the buckle buttons might tear apart the leather if more weight is placed inside the bag. However that did not happen and I am pleased to say so. The strap hooks and handle hooks are quite strong as the pictures are self evident. 

Gray Peacocks handbag

Gray Peacocks handbag
This picture was taken when my cousin took this handbag to her university with her books and stationery stashed in the bag. It looks stylish and unique and she received quite some compliments on her stylish handbag. 

Gray Peacocks handbag
Here is me, carrying this handbag to work with my necessities stuffed into this marvelous piece. These days the bag is in constant use by my cousin who takes it to university every other day. 

Gray Peacocks handbag
A little about the store:

Catchy lines like

"Nothing screams fashion like a handbag" and "Women love what they carry", Platinum.pk is definitely making a mark on its clientele with the vast variety of brands and bags/purses it has in stock. Some of the bags might be original but most of them are A+ quality replicas like mine is. You can simply ask them and they won't hesitate to tell you the truth. 

My shopping experience with Platinum went great. They have a good customer service as I kept on getting prompt responses from their side to all my concerns and queries. My bag reached me almost within two days. Plus they also offer exchange within 2 days. You can find high quality, high brands like Kim Kardashian, Zara, Mango. ALDO, Victoria's Secret and a lot more other brands on their web store. They have wallets, cross body bags, hand bags, clutches, you name it and they have it. I am sure you will love shopping from them and really love your experience. 

The bag is originally priced at Rs. 4000 but as a promotional product review post I got a special discount coupon of Rs. 2500. 

Good news for all my readers. Enter the personal discount coupon "intensify" and get a 10% off on your purchase. You can find their web store by clicking on this link and to stay updated about the latest from Platinum. join them on their Facebook page here

Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! XOXO

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