|Haul|: Oriflame haul, April 2014

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Hi Beauties!

Its been quite sometime that I had not shopped from Oriflame. One, I did not find anything new to buy, second; they merged their monthly sale offers with the catalogue that makes me think nothing is on sale. I simply love Oriflame. Their products are high quality and the prices are also very affordable. Moreover they provide great incentives and opportunities if you become their member. So who would not avail their sale offers on newly launched products? There were so many new products launched this spring, I could not resist and got myself a few goodies. Here is what I got.

Oriflame time reversing Skingenist day and night essence, Oriflame sun zone with 50 SPF, Oriflame nature secrets exfoliating shower gel in mint and raspberry, Oriflame Very me peach me perfect powder, Oriflame pure color kajal, Oriflame wonder color lip liner
Very me peach me perfect powder is a newly launched product this year. Its a bronzy highlighter that provides a light glow and shimmer to the cheeks. Its quite natural and looks beautiful. 

Oriflame peach me perfect powder
In my previous haul post, I already shared the sun block I purchased but I simply could not resist buying Oriflame's sun block because I really trust their skin care items. Moreover the three variants they recently launched in their sun zone range were too much for me to resist which is why I purchased the one with the highest SPF, 50. 

Oriflame Sun zone 50 SPF
Okay, I had been eyeing this for a long time. When this raspberry and mint shower gel was newly launched I could not get my hands on it since it got out of stock. After wards I became lazy and did not feel like going to Oriflame to buy just this. I waited and purchased it this time with other items. The color of the shower gel plus the microfoliants look so tempting. I purchased it just based on the looks! 

Oriflame Nature secrets exfoliating shower gel with mint and raspberry
Pure colour kajal has newly been launched this season and since I am a liner freak I could not just leave it and not buy it. The wonder color lip liner in red is my absolute favorite red color. It used to come in a pencil packaging that you needed to sharp from time to time. They have introduced plastic pencil, where you can just rotate the bottom to get the bullet out, no sharpening required. 

Oriflame pure colour Kajal and Oriflame wonder colour lip liner
This time reversing skingenist is for my mum. She loves Oriflame's anti aging range. I made her try Pond's and Loreal's anti aging but she is best satisfied with Oriflame. The skingenist is new in the range I suppose because I have not seen it previously. It became available this year. 

Oriflame time reversing Skingenist day and night essence

Oriflame time reversing Skingenist day and night essence
Now for the prices:

1. Wonder color lip liner Rs. 259
2. Pure color kajal Rs. 100
3. Nature secrets shower gel Rs. 439
4. Time reversing essence Rs. 1567
5. Very me peach me perfect powder Rs. 479
6. Sun zone UV protector SPF 50 Rs. 999

Thats it for my haul post. Hope you liked my purchases. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Have you purchased anything recently from Oriflame? Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! XOXO

In case you want to buy something from Oriflame, use my code 16806, it will help me gain some reward points for each item you will buy and you shall get 20% off on your every purchased item. 

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