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Hi Beauties!

It seems the new rave in Pakistan's beauty blogosphere is, subscription boxes. Many online Facebook stores are coming up with this idea. I, as a beauty blogger am more than pleased with the availability of these subscription boxes. The point of these subscription boxes is to bring to you new brands and versatile products relatively at a bit more value than what you are paying for each box. Since most of the brands are not available in Pakistan, the idea sounds awesome. Today, I bring you another beauty box which was launched in November 2014, but I came to know about it recently. 

Beauty Box by Makeup Enhancers
The subscription service by Beauty Enhancers is known simply as a Beauty Box. Since I just received it in a pouch so I asked the owner of Beauty Enhancers as to why its called a Beauty Box when its more like a bag? She told me, she was out of boxes and had to send it out so she used this bag for convenience. Here I would like to mention, the bag is perfumed and I loved whichever perfume has been sprayed inside the bag. Its just adds and extra oomph to it. 

Beauty Enhancers provides the option of choosing one item of your choice from the available items to be placed in a box. Remaining items are added at the owner's discretion. I kind of liked the option since it provides the receiver with the choice of getting at least one item to her liking. For myself, I chose the Hard candy eye shadow palette. Here is what I received in my bag for the month of January:

1. Hard candy trendsetter eye shadow palette in birthday suit
2. The body shop strawberry body butter (50 ml)
3. NYX lip pencil
4.  Amorefacific anti aging cream tester sample

Beauty Box items for the month of January

Hard candy trendsetter eye shadow palette in trendsetter

Hard candy trendsetter eye shadow palette in trendsetter

The Body Shop body butter in strawberry

NYX lip liner pencil

Amorefacific anti aging cream
I am not very Wowed by this box for some reasons which I am mentioning. Since its a beauty box, its supposed to come in a box not a bag. If one has a customized service then its supposed to be proper with a proper box, a name and definitely some presentation. I am unable to fathom that boxes were out of stock for a very customized service. 

Secondly, I am not very impressed with the presence of a tester sample that clearly states not for sale on it. I understand the presence of small sized items but a not for sale item is surely not cool. Plus the owner mentioned to choose one item of my choice and she shall be adding 3-4 items of her choice. Technically, I see only 2 items added, the anti aging cream is just not there for me. 

Thirdly, I find the beauty box expensive and less value for money. Comparing it with the other beauty subscriptions I have opted for, this one happens to be the most expensive priced at Rs. 2200 per month. I feel the items are clearly not adding more value for the money I paid, which fails the core purpose of a beauty box for a subscriber. 

Now the question is, would I be opting for this beauty box again? At the moment, I am not so sure. Maybe some time in future but not right now. 

Have you subscribed to any local subscription service as yet? How has been your experience? Hope you liked my quick short review on the monthly subscription box. Drop in your comments to share your view with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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