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Hi Beauties!

This happens to be the second mystery bag I subscribed for from Beauty Enhancers. I reviewed the bog previously which can be read here. Unlike the last time, Beauty Enhancers made some changes to their subscription service which led me to try it one more time. Read further to get more details about the mystery box. 

Mystery Bag by Beauty Enhancers
When Beauty Enhancers initially started the mystery box service, it was priced at Rs. 2200 giving you the option of choosing one item of your choice from a certain pool of available items and including 3 to 4 items of the owner's choice. When I ordered that one, I honestly did not like it as it was not worth the money. In the coming months, Beauty Enhancers made changes to the service by introducing 2 types of mystery boxes, one for Rs. 1000 and the other for Rs. 1500 including the delivery charges. This time, the mystery box will have 1 full sized item and 3 to 4 deluxe size items. This sounded tempting to me so I decided to give the service another shot. Here is what I received in my March's mystery box. 

1. Elf regular and waterproof mascara duo
2. Sephora lip crayon
3. Deva curl ultra defining gel
4. Bare Minerals tinted mineral veil

Two of the items are full sized while 2 are deluxe. I would say, totally worth the money.  

Elf regular & waterproof mascara duo, Sephora lip crayon, Deva curl ultra defining gel, Bare minerals tinted mineral veil

Deva curl ultra defining gel

Bare Minerals tinted mineral veil

Elf regular & waterproof mascara duo

Sephora lip crayon
My Thoughts:

I would say I find this mystery bag really nice. Just as Beauty Enhancers said, there are 4 items, 2 full size and 2 deluxe size and all equally good. The versatility is great. There is one for the lips, one for the eyes, one for the face and one for hair. The new mystery box is worth a shot. The only shortfall I see is in the service. One, the owner takes really long to respond back which sometimes makes you feel as if one is being ignored. Secondly, the delay in delivery. One is not informed when the parcel will be dispatched, when it was dispatched or when one shall receive it. I got this one almost a week late. So yeah, in terms of communication an improvement is required. Other than that, I am pretty satisfied with the items i received this time around. 

Hope you liked my mystery box for March. Drop in your feedback to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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