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Hi Beauties!

It appears I am finally beginning to clear my back log of posts. There are so many products that need to be reviewed, the posts are just lying in my drafts folder and I am too lazy to give the final touches and complete them. Sigma flare palette just got lucky today to finally get out of my drafts folder and make its presence to soon to be published posts. I haven't had the chance to try many Sigma products. In fact my collection is quite limited when it comes to Sigma but lemme say, Sigma comes with the most amazing pigmentation for many of its products. The beauty blogoshpere is full of reviews on the Flare palette but still I would like to add my 2 cents as well. 

Sigma Flare palette
 Here is what Sigma says about its Flare palette:

"The Flare Eye Shadow Palette contains eight eye shadow shades represented by bright, yet sophisticated hues that feature iridescent undertones. Light greens and highly pigmented purples mixed with browns and beige's create the perfect combination of shades for fun and colorful everyday looks! Contains matte and satin formulations."

These palettes were introduced almost 2 to 3 years back and were all the rave. Due to the amazing quality of Sigma brushes, people were equally thrilled about the palettes too. There are 3 variants of this palette. One being Flare, other Dare and third, Bare. The reason I opted for Flare palette is, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone of using neutrals and try some lively colors and it has a variety of colors including browns and retro purple and green. 


In terms of packaging, the palette is a total fail for me. Why? Thats because the palette is completely huge and its heavy. Whats the point of creating such a humongous palette which accommodates only 8  eye shadows? The palette is made of thick heavy cardboard and occupies a lot of space. For a palette to have 8 shades the packaging is quite big which makes it all the more difficult for traveling. The palette comes with a bar like pre-attached mirror on the inner side of the lid and a double ended E55 and E40 brush for application and blending. My flare palette brush has been forcibly (happily) taken by my cousin so I use brush from the Dare palette.   

Sigma Flare palette - back

Sigma Flare palette


This palette has smooth satin shades with glittery undertones and also mattes with powdery finishes. The satin ones are the easiest to work with and apply like a dream. The toughest one I found to work with is publicize since it has a matte chalky finish, shallow in pigmentation and low color pay off. 


Pigmentation wise I found the palette to be pretty decent. Crush and oversee are the most pigmented colors in the palette. Publicize and beware serve as highlighting colors and I found them hard to work with since they require layering for color build up. Crush and resist, pretty much look the same with very slight difference. I wish there had been a different color rather than resist. 

Sigma Flare palette swatches

My absolute favorite from the palette are Crush and oversee. Crush is a deep brown color with an undertone of green glittery shade. Oversee is a turquoise shade with hues of golden in it. Define is a subtle green color with a combination of satin and powdery finish. Publicize is a beige sort of a shade with a powdery finish, can be used as a highlighter as well. Resist is a warm brownish color with sparks of glitter and undertones of maroon and mauve. Gossip is a berry shade. Allure is somewhat disappointing color since it looks great in the palette but upon application, it does not build up really well and has a shallow finish. Beware is yet again a highlighter color with pink tone.

Although the colors are decently pigmented but with a prior primer application, the results improve. Below is a before and after picture of without primer and with primer. 

Before and after the application of a primer
Overall its a pretty decent palette in terms of shades as one can find browns, green, purples and highlighting colors. The shades are very mush wearable for everyday use and allow you to create dramatic as well as soft looks. The lasting power of the shades without creasing is 4 to 6 hours which is pretty good in my opinion. 




Sigma flare palette comes with a price tag of $35. But now the palette isn't available to be sold on price and can be gotten hold of for shopping above $100 from Sigma and receiving the palette as free gift. 


The palette is available at Sigma's website and can also be purchased from other stockists globally. In Pakistan you can order it through Facebook stores. 

Hope you liked the review. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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