|Subscription|: Ipsy Glam Bag for July 2015

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Hi Beauties!

As many of you must have figured it out by now, I am crazy about subscription services. I keep on trying different subscriptions time to time. The suspense of not knowing what I would be getting is the best thing about these subscription services to me. Its like a gift to myself not knowing what the gift is going to be. How exciting!!! So for the first time, I got my hands on the very famous Ipsy glam bags. I ordered mine from Infinity. I had not ordered it earlier, she had it in stock and I just happened to buy it. The glam bad is for the month of July. What was inside it? Read my post further to find out. 

July Ipsy glam bag
I must say I was thrilled to receive my first Ipsy glam bag and I was right to feel so. The products are great. I prefer products that can be used multiple times to judge how a product is faring on your skin. Using a sachet mask or a foundation once does not do it for me. I am so glad not to find any sachet items in the glam bag. 

July Ipsy glam bag
The Ipsy bag contained 5 items by different brands. Other than OFRA, I am not familiar with any other brands. The blogger in me is going to google them and probably end up having more items on her wishlist. 

Items in July Ipsy glam bag

Teeez read my lips lipstick
I am using this anti aging lip conditioner (simply put, lip balm) since days now, I love the vanilla coconut flavor and the effect of this on lips. This is worth buying product I would say. 

Mongongo anti aging lip conditioner

Cool way beachy salt spray

City Color HD powder
All of us can not opt to buy high end products. But seriously, some products are worth the price, like this eye shadow. I consider OFRA an expensive brand for Pakistanis but when I used this eye shadow on my lids, I was blown with its performance. I shall do a detailed review on it some other day but for now suffice is to say, its a really good product. 

OFRA eye shadow in Bliss
Overall I am very satisfied with my experience of Ipsy glam bag. The products are worth investing in, since most of the brands are ones we do not even get to hear about residing in Pakistan. Some are well known while some are not. Each month will have different brands and different items while some brands are off course repeated. I wish one can order the Ipsy bag directly to Pakistan. I shall search more on this aspect. This Ipsy bag cost me Rs. 2600 from Infinity which I would say is a pretty steep price considering its a $10 monthly service. But we all know how the shipment and customs here is. Amor is also another Facebook store providing Ipsy subscription. The only downside is we receive them a month late. Like a July glam bag would reach me in August. 

Compared to other local subscription services the plus points for Ipsy are, unique brand items and no one time use sachet items which most page owners get for free and are sold to us (which I am strongly against). 

Hope you liked my Ipsy glam bag, I loved it. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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