|Review|: Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials Face Cleanser in Energizing Berry

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Hi Beauties!

Summer is a great season to put all those face washes and cleansers to a test to see which one comes out victorious. My latest craze this Summer has been to try different face cleansers. Along with several others, under the test was Clean & Clear's fruit essentials face cleanser in energizing berry as I had read really rave reviews about this product. How did it perform for me? Read my review to find out!

Clean & Clear fruit essentials facial cleanser in energizing berry

Clean & Clear fruit essential cleansers come in 2 sizes; 50 ml and 100 ml. For trial basis, I opted for the smaller packaging. I really like the curved bottle, it has a unique look and style to it, is travel friendly and easy to carry around in a hand bag. The pop lid allows controlled amount of product, no over flowing or leakages, also its tight enough not to open on its own in the handbag. Sucha gem!

Clean & Clear fruit essentials facial cleanser in energizing berry
 Here is what Clean & Clear claims about its product:

"Clean & Clear facial cleanser in energizing berry energizes your skin with this deliciously scented cleanser with bursting beads which burst with energy and vitamin-rich berry extract. Thoroughly removes oil and dirt, with anti-bacterial ingredients to help prevent common skin problems."

Clean & Clear fruit essentials facial cleanser in energizing berry

Clean & Clear fruit essentials facial cleanser in energizing berry
 Usage Directions:

Apply a small amount on wet palm and work into a lather. Gently massage onto face, avoiding eye area. Rinse off thoroughly.

Texture & Consistency:

In terms of consistency, the cleanser is slightly runny. Though its gel like but still with a runny consistency. Its like pink in color, more like a very sheer pink with darker pink beads for exfoliation. The beads are quite sparse in the bottle and do not give the feel of an exfoliant.

My Experience:

I will say that it has to be the gentlest and mildest cleanser ever. Comparing it to all the cleansers I have used so far, its very light and gentle on the skin. Initially, I thought it will not lather, it foams but thinly. As a cleanser, its good, in terms of makeup removal and ridding the skin of dirt and impurities. I feel every last bit of my makeup removed, even the eye makeup. There are some lazy days when removing makeup with a makeup remover and cotton pad isn't very appealing out of sheer laziness. During those days, this cleanser served the purpose downright. I was actually surprised and pretty pleased with the performance. I was not at all expecting it to be such a good cleanser. The disappointing part for me are the exfoliating beads. They are sparsely suspended in the cleanser which means, for some washes, one might not even get a single bead. The beads in reality do not exfoliate, they simply melt on to the skin  upon rubbing. It would have been a plus if there was an exfoliator as well along with such a good cleanser. Do not expect the cleanser to fix any skin problems, its a mild cleanser and will not heal, repair or fix any skin issues. Its the sort, I find perfect for teen girls or people with no skin problems.






           Rs. 275


Clean & Clear cleansers are quite readily available all over Pakistan in stores. I purchased mine from Raja Sahib outlet. You can also buy it online from Just4girls and Saloni.


Its a good mild face cleanser which offers great portability and is perfect for traveling. 

I hope you liked the review. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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