2nd Exhibition by Makeup4U

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This new trend of holding makeup exhibitions is becoming quite popular day by day and more and more online stores are engaging into this practice. It has to be popular because of the fact that most of the international brands are not available in Pakistan and these exhibitions allow us a real time experience of getting to touch and pick and choose the items of our liking. Makeup for you, right after 3 months of holding their first exhibition held another one on March 26, 2016 and showcased some of the best and most sought after items. It also happens to be the first store to conduct back to back exhibitions in such short span of time. In case you missed out on their first exhibition, no worries, you can read all about it in my post by clicking on this link.

Makeup 4 U created great hype for this event and really pumped up the exceptions of their customers by posting teasers of products tempting us not to miss this event. Were they able to meet these expectations and live up to the hype they had created? Read my post further to know more about the event.

Just like the previous exhibition, this one also started promptly at 11:00 am at the same venue, Noor Jehan Banquet Hall located near Barkat Market. I love their venue for 2 reasons, one, the display area is big and convenient and secondly, the entry and exit doors are separate and at opposite ends making entrance and exit easy with no fuss. I also happen to like their timings as they start early leaving me with good amount of the weekend to get done with other chores. I wouldn't complain if they start at 10:00 am next time around.

This time, I noticed bigger crowd than the last time and that too before the event began. Ladies had gathered well before time in the hopes of being the firsts to get their hands on the exclusive products. I am sure it was all because of the hype that Makeup 4 U had created which had the ladies gathering like flies (bad metaphor, I know). There were more attendants to deal with customers this time. I suppose there were 10 or more of them facilitating customers, responding to their queries and helping them chose products.This made things a lot easier and speedy.

As expected, there was a vast variety of products to choose from, Morphe and Ofra being the spotlight brands in this exhibition. Nyx, Wet n Wild, Color Pop, Bh Cosmetics were as usual go to brands for lip and makeup products. Other brands like Becca, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Elf, Balm, Urban Decay were also a part of the exhibit. However this time I noticed the variety was really short and so were the quantities for these high end brands unlike the last time. The previous exhibition had a lot more stock by Becca, Anastasia, Balm and Elf, same was not the case this time around as the items were really few. I hardly spotted any Sephora favorites items. It was a tad bit disappointing for me as I was aiming for more of these brands. I also happened to notice there were fewer items concerning skin care. I spotted quite a few Josie Maran products the last time, this time around I only spotted I guess 1 set. Morphe and Ofra products were in abundance as they were the main brands of the exhibition. There was a 20% discount on Ofra products at the exhibition and stupid me did not buy anything by Ofra.

I also happened to like the tester bundles in their 1st exhibition. This time I felt the deals were not as good as last time. Like last time there were good 3 to 4 samples in Rs. 1000 and Rs. 1500 bundles with a nice array of products. I felt the bundles were a little overpriced with less attractive samples this time. I could be wrong but this was a personal feeling.

I am not sure how long the event lasted but I am assuming it must have gotten crowded as more ladies were aware of the event and the queue was way longer than last time. Good part is, the check out counter was automated this time which I am sure saved a lot of time. Makeup 4 U plans to introduce credit card facility on their next exhibition whenever it takes place. Its going to be a sinuous blessing for makeup junkies like me if you know what I mean.

If I compare Makeup 4 U's exhibition with the other 2 held in Lahore by Cosmetic Candy and Demure Events, I can say it with conviction that Makeup 4 U tops them by all means; be it the variety, product quantity, event organization, venue, hospitality and especially the prices. Makeup 4 U offers the best prices compared to others and lets not forget the freebies everybody got at the check out counter. On the verge of sounding cheesy and a pervert, the man at the check out was very easy on the eyes and uncle was most gracious so I will add these two pointers as extra perks as well. *wink wink*

In the end, further adding my 2 cents, I would like to suggest Makeup 4 U to bring in more Elf products for their future exhibitions as its quite a pocket friendly brand and people who come just for a look around are tempted to buy it. I would love to see more skin care items (its probably my age). I hope they bring in more Soap and Glory items not limited to bath and body but also their makeup products. Lush masks would be another good addition and taking further liberty I want to see more of Gerard and Melt cosmetics. Having Murad, Bliss and Ole Henriksen travel sized won't hurt either. I am now seriously getting carried away with my demands and hence shall leave to it and share what I purchased from the exhibition. 

1. Elf VIP lash kit Rs. 600
2. Elf Illuminating Palette Rs. 1300
3. RCMA powder Rs. 2200
4. Wet n Wild eye liner brushes Rs. 300 each

I hope you liked my detailed post on the event. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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