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Hi all,

As crazy as I am for beauty subscription services, I had been watching Beauty Broadway posting drool worthy surprise bags and boxes ranging from as low as Rs. 1500 to Rs. 7000 and above. The one liners on these bags were too witty not to notice, hence I ordered one for myself. This is the second time I ordered the subscription service from them. Read the below post to know my take on their surprise bag. 

Surprise Bag from Beauty Broadway

Starting off with the bag, its a custom designed thin cotton bag with a Beauty Broadway one liner that is witty enough to stop you and make you wonder what might the bag contain and tempt you to get one for yourself. On one side, there is the one liner and on the other it has a logo of Beauty Broadway. The bag is quite spacious but quality or look wise isn't very attractive. But for a service that is charging as low as Rs. 1500 and providing you a number of items to try out, I am not complaining with the bag's quality. 

Surprise Bag from beauty Broadway
Coming to the contents of the bag, here is a list of items it had:

1. Versace perfume tester
2. YSL perfume tester
3. Clinique even better foundation tester
4. Bare Minerals Multi wrinkle repair cream deluxe size
5. Nyx infinite shadow stick in shade chocolate
6. Ulta 2 in 1 lipstick and gloss

7. Charlotte Russe multi loop earrings 

Charlotte Russe multi loop earrings

Bare Minerals multi wrinkle repair cream

Versace and YSL perfume samplers

Clinique even better foundation

Nyx infinite shadow stick in chocolate

Ulta 2 in 1 lipstick and lip gloss
Now some of you might think that Rs. 1,500 for sample sized products is too much. Let me assure you I find the price quite justified. Previously I had been complaining about the unethical practice of selling deluxe sized items and samplers for a price but with the custom charges and other taxes, selling these is quite just. Now I do not have direct access to stores like Ulta, Sephora and Macy's. I have to rely on these Facebook stores to get products for me. I love to try perfume samplers so much so that sometimes I do not even buy the full bottle since I have already had my fill with the sampler and no more want to buy a full size of the same item. The blogger in me wants to try out new products on a regular basis and that is where these samplers come in handy. I get my fill and move on pretty quickly.

Secondly, before I had opted for this surprise bag I was aware that it will contain 1 full sized item and 3 to 4 samplers. But look at the contents, I have full sized Ulta 2 in 1 lipstick and lip gloss, Full sized Nyx eye shadow pencil and Charlotte Russe multi loop earrings with 4 deluxe sized items. For Rs. 1500, I find it worth the price. 

I love surprising myself and trying new items. So surely you will be seeing more subscription posts from me soon. Have you ordered a surprise bag from Beauty Broadway? What did you get? Share your reviews with me as they make my day. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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