Haroon's Bags: Part IV

11:09 AM

Hi Beauties!

Here is the fourth part of my bag hauling series. By now you must be tired of it. I have done a post on this bag before already. This one only has a different color. I kind of like the style of the bag so I thought its okay to get two of the same design, the colors are different and would not look similiar much.

Blue handbag

I'll keep this post short and quick so that you don't get bored. The above picture is the front view of the bag. It has cute heart shapes hanging at the handle of the bag. They are of the same leather material as that of the bag. This is the only thing that differentiates the front and the back of the bag. Otherwise the style it the same at both ends.

Blue handbag

This is the inner view of the bag. It has a zipper pocket at the inner back, a large middle inner zipper pocket which divides the bag into two compartments. At the front inner side, there is a small mobile pocket and another small pocket to keep keys and small stuff.

Blue handbag - Inner view

This is a moderate sized handbag for daily use. I usually use it at work. Its spacy enough and stores quite alot of stuff as I like to move around with quite a load of things so, this bag is the right size for me. I had not got any medium sized bag in blue before which motivated me to get this one. Its a nice color for summers as well. The thing about bright colored bags is that they do not go with every dress so yes, I do have to carry this bag matching my clothes and sometimes when I am too lazy to bother I  just use it regularly without bothering about dress colors.

The bag I must say is sturdy and can with stand rough usage. This is the best thing I like about Haroon's bag, their bags are accurately priced and are of great quality as well. I have so far not witnessed any short falls in their bags. You can skim through the other bags of this series by clicking on the following links Part I, Part II and Part III. This bag like other bags is also for Rs. 1895 and I got this one from Qaddafi Stadium outlet. If you still have not checked out Haroon's then you are missing it for sure. Hope you liked my bag. Drop in your comments and share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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