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Hi Beauties!
Can you guess what came into my mail? Ummm let me give you a hint. You can find where I ordered from the picture below ;)

I usually get super excited when something arrives in my mail that I simply don't wait to open it up whether I am at work or home. So this package arrived at my workplace and I tore it up as soon as I could. I took pictures from my mobile phone so you may find them a little low quality.

So here is what I ordered, the Colossal kajal by Maybelline. It has not yet been officially launched in Pakistan as I have been checking each Maybelline counter at almost every other store I have been to and I could not wait anymore to try it out. Seeing it available at a page I had to order it to try it out. Along with the kajal came a complimentary nail filer too which I have already featured in my pedicure routine post (read it here) .

The kajal comes packed in a yellow cardboard similar to the colossal mascara.

Just like the colossal mascara, colossal kajal is also of yellow color. It thin like a felt tip pen. The bottom end is rotatable so that you can roll the kajal in and out. Its lidded with the same yellow color cap.

Here is the full quantity of the kajal. This picture has been shot after I had already used the kajal twice.

Here are two swatches of the kajal without the flash light. I find it quite pigmented. This has just been swiped once only on my hand. Had I swatched it multiple times it would have looked even more intense.

Here is what Maybelline has to say about it:
Smudge Free? Totally.
Colossal Intensity:
Our deepest black pigments plus unique tip deliver the blackest black shine ever. Color glides on smooth and so intense.
Colossal Wear:
Never before 6H of smudge resistant wear. Our exclusive color fix formula guarantees intense color results that won't smudge, budge or fade. No more touch ups.
Colossal Care:
The ultimate in care with a combination of 5 caring ingredients formula enriched with Vitamin E soothes the eyes.

My Experience:

Coming to my experience of it I would sum it in 3 simple words, I LOVE IT! Its a must have. It totally lives up to its claim of lasting for 6 hours. It lasts upto 8 hours on mine. For a person like me who has small eyes its a miracle. Now I have small narrow eyes and I put kajal or kohl on my lower waterline on daily basis. Usually what happens is that after a while the color starts to smudge and fall out of my eyes and I get raccoon eyes in a metter of few hours. I have used pencils, kajals and kohls of multiple brands and very few of them lasted giving me a satisfactory result. So far this Maybelline Colossal Kajal outshines them all. It stays put, does not smudge and no panda eyes either. Simply no fall outs, it sticks where it is applied. In like 5 or 6 hours you will notice a little fading or eat up but still it remains in the eyes noticably.
It is rotatable and hence very convenient to use, very travel friendly indeed. The thineness provides precision for using it in the water line and the lash line. Can also be used as an eye liner over the lid since it does not smudge or flake off.  It is water resistent, taking it off with simple water is not easy. One needs an eye make up remover to get it off the eyes. So you can imagine its lasting powers. Its very pigmented and buildable, provides an excellent black coverage over the eyes. Since it has been originally launched in India so its suits and compliments the South Asian skin tones. I am using it on daily basis these days and has become my instant favorite.
I purchased it from Beauty Concepts Co., an online Facebook page that sells a variety of cosmetic products, international brands. Its priced at Rs. 1200.
1. Very pigmented
2. Convenient to use
3. Smudge free
4. Long lasting
5. Smooth and creamy
1. Thin tip might break if pressure is applied or its rolled out more than necessary
2. Quantity is less
3. Over priced
4. If you find removing it a problem
I would rate it 5/5 for me and highly recommend buying it if you are into kajals and kohls. Its a must have. I am not sure if it will be officially available in Pakistan any time soon. But for the time being you can order it from Beauty Concepts Co. on her Facebook page. Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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