My Black Beauty

4:43 PM

Hi Beauties!

Here is a quick post on something I purchased a few weeks back. Can you guess from the picture what it might be?

Any ideas now?

Ok, here it is then! My very new handbag from Marie Claire.

So its black, made of suede material and has silver studs on the upper flap. Along with the studds are suede ruffles hanging out of the flap.

Flip the flap and you have a zip opening. Thank God for the zipper, it makes the bag a lot safer when shopping or hanging around in a public place and specially when travelling in a local bus :/

The back of the bag also has a zipper pocket making it all the more user friendly with more and more pockets to keep things organized.

Here is the inner view of the bag. It has a zipper pocket, a mobile pocket and another pocket right next to the mobile pocket. Inside you can also see an extension strap. Its upto you if you want to use the smaller strap or the longer one.

Its a medium sized bag and I have been using it for over 3 weeks now, everyday. I am simply in love with this bag now. I know I said it for my green/plum bag too (read review here) But I can't help if more pretty things keep on catching my eye. This bag is very light weight, quite spacious and just about the right specifications, neither too big nor too small. Plus I really like suede material which is why I love this bag even more. The style is very chic and suitable for winter season. I purchased it on sale from Marie Claire, the outlet in Liberty Market for Rs. 1200. I think its completely worth the price. Do you like my bag? Drop in your comments and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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