Stage Line Matte Pure Make up Remover Gel

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Hi Beauties!

This post was long due and its about time that it must be shared. Recently I got myself a new makeup remover on experimental basis as the bottle caught my eye and I found it to be sleek and stylish. Since I never step out without an eye liner and kohl on my eyes, an eye makeup remover or simply a makeup remover is a must have for me. Washing face directly causes the eye liner to spread all over the face and also it gets into the eyes, so not good for the eyes!

The one I got is by Stage line Professional and is a professional makeup remover. There are two variations to this product, one is for oily skin the other one is for matte. I picked it up without noticing and ended up getting the one suitable for oily skin.

Stage Line makeup remover comes in a hard plastic bottle with 250 ml content and has a pump spray. The pump makes it very convenient to use. Its light green in color, very very light and has a gel like consistency.

Coming to my experience of this product I would say I actually like it. I was not expecting it to be so good but it proved to be way better than my expectations. Although the directions say to use it directly on the face, rub and remove with a damp sponge but what I do is, I pump it out on a cotton pad, wipe off the eye liner from my eyes and then take another pump on my hand and wash the rest of my face with it and pat dry with a towel.
As the name suggests its a makeup removing gel so it has the consistency of a gel and is not runny at all but at the same time not thick like a gloppy gel. It smells like peaches. I really liked the smell. Its not very strong but it is noticeably there. It does not lather much but it does its job of removing the makeup. Although it is for oily to combination skin while mine is normal to dry, I did not find it drying my skin. My skin felt clean, washed and moisturized. It did not feel cracky or over dry. It works as a makeup remover and also as a face cleanser. It cleanses the face leaving it clean and smooth. I find it better than my Oriflame's Acai and Pomegranate anti oxidant face wash (read review here ). The bottle is tall and heavy which makes it hard to carry around hence not travel friendly.
I would rate it 4/5 and recommend you to give it a try. I purchased it for Rs. 895 from Enem store. Hope you liked my quick review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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