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Hi Beauties!

Winters bring us dry fruit, warm, trendy clothes to wear along with fog and non sunny days. Besides all these beautiful things there are a few other things that come along with Winter, like, dry and chapped lips. Due to less water in take or as a weather effect, lips go dry and give a patchy, cracked appearance. This Winter I have a great product to treat dry and cracked lips. Read my review to find out more about this product. 

Well-beeing Bee Kissed lip polish
Before I continue, I would like to mention a few details about the cellular structure of our lips to create awareness as to why exfoliating, moisturizing and keeping our lips hydrated is important. This information has been taken from Well-beeing's Facebook page here.

Lips are used for activities such as facial expressions, talking, eating, drinking and kissing. Given how much we use them it is important to keep them soft, supple and healthy. 

There are only 3-5 cellular layers of skin on the lips which is why lips can so easily start to bleed if they are chapped or dry, or if picked the skin off them. In comparison, there are 16 layers of skin on the face. Cellular layer on the lips is much lighter in color then the rest of the body (not in Pakistani people). Particularly in light-skinned people, lip skin contains fewer cells called melanocytes – these are the cells that produce melanin which determines the skin color. So lips are essentially more translucent than the rest of the body which is why the blood vessels are more visible through the lips, giving them their pinky/reddish coloring. For those people with darker skin tones, the skin on your lips contains more melanocytes which is why your lips can be significantly darker in color. 

There are no sweat glands on the lips. Which essentially means they do not produce sebum skin’s natural oil. Therefore they dry quicker then the rest of the body. Dry skin gets damaged quicker, which is why chapped lips are such a common occurrence.

When lips get dry we tend to lick them more, Saliva contains salt which furthers dry out lips. Therefore, one might get temporary relief but things will go from bad to worse. Nonetheless certain amount of lip licking is necessary to wash away dead skin cells, so don’t avoid it altogether.

A lip balm/butter/polish/gloss offers an effective protective layer that you would normally get from skin’s natural sebum. In covering your lips with an occlusive layer, it does two things – firstly, it locks moisture in and secondly, it makes it harder for the heat and cold to dry out your lips. 

Why use lip scrubs? With gentle exfoliation, dead skin cells can be eliminated and newer layer of skin will be exposed, inhibiting lips being attacked by toxins which helps to fight aging effects.

At this point, I am sure you are fairly familiar with Well-beeing brand. In case not, You can read my posts about this brand by clicking here and here. Moving to the point, the product I am talking about is a lip polish by the name of Bee Kissed. Bee Kissed falls in to the category of lip scrubs. There are 3 of them by the names; Bee Kissed, Bee happy and Bee berry

Bee Kissed is a hybrid among them serving as an exfoliator and lip balm at the same time.


Bee Kissed comes in a thin white cardboard box with an orange sticker stating the brand logo, product name and main ingredients of the product. Inside the box is a small plastic jar with a black plastic screw lid. I find the jar solid enough to withstand accidental drops. Again the product quantity is not mentioned anywhere, however I can safely say the product quantity is ample enough. The lip polish will last you a long time. The jar is full till the top and you wont be able to finish it anytime soon. The sticker on top of the jar is mildly glued on the lid and easily gives up. I lost my sticker after a week or so. 

Well-beeing Bee Kissed lip polish
 Here is what Well-beeing claims about Bee Kissed:

"This rich, buttery, creamy cushioning formula has dual action. It gently exfoliates lips, moisturizes and make them plump while being low sheen. Instantly you will feel and see the difference in the texture, color and appearance of the lips. Almond meal and glycolic buff away dry flakes profoundly and conditions the surface, leaving lips incredibly soft and smooth. Sugar, natural humectants that prevent moisture loss and nourish the skin. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties and interacts directly with the cells, neutralizing free radicals, preventing signs of aging. Pepper mint and Anis Essential oils offers scrumptious taste and invigorating aroma. The taste is sweet and breath freshening. Proven to keep lips moisturized for more than 6 hours. 100% reported healthier-looking, smoother, softer, hydrated lips with improved texture. Exfoliates and removes dry patches while making lips supple and revitalize."

Well-beeing Bee Kissed lip polish

Well-beeing Bee Kissed lip polish - bottom view

Well-beeing Bee Kissed lip polish

Upon first look, it clearly looks like a lip balm, color like vaseline with exfoliating particles. These exfoliants are crushed and grounded almonds. The texture is slightly rough but not harsh. It reminds me of Vaseline a lot and the consistency of the product is also thick, very much like Vaseline in Winters. It smells like mint and very slightly of almonds, mint being the dominating fragrance. However the mint smell is not over whelming at all.

Well-beeing Bee Kissed lip polish
See how well blended the lip polish is. The almond exfoliants are part of the balm, they are not falling off here and there. 

Well-beeing Bee Kissed lip polish - swatch
The picture below is of my lips, right after getting up early in the morning (yes, I made the grave effort of taking picture that early!). I did not use any lip product before going to bed. My lips are totally dry and I can notice dry patches too. 

My lips without the use of Well-beeing lip polish
 Below 2 pictures are also of my lips but after brushing my teeth and washing my face. I again did not do anything special for my lips, other than washing my face along with my lips with the face wash I am currently using. Observe the the layer of white dead skin on my lips.

Lips after washing my face, observe the dead skin

Lips after washing my face, observe the dead skin
 This picture is of Bee Kissed applied on my lips after exfoliation.

Well-beeing Bee kissed lip polish applied on lips

Lips after 6 hours of using Bee Kissed lip polish

Lips after 6 hours of using Bee Kissed lip polish

My Experience: 

Since this product is considered as a hybrid between a lip balm and an exfoliator, imagine its benefits for me. For someone who works long hours, very little time is left for personal grooming. A product that gives you the advantages of 2 separate products in 1 has to be a God sent product. I can exfoliate and hydrate me lips at the same time with less effort. Here is what I do; after I am done with cleansing and toning my face at night, I apply this lip polish and give my lips a few rubs. Circular motions and left to right movements is what I do for hardly 45 seconds to 1 minute.This massage is what exfoliates my lips. Make sure you do not use a lot of the product. Bee Kissed has a very thick consistency, over using the product will weigh on your lips and also you will get this heavy, greasy feeling first thing in the morning. My experience is, Bee Kissed is more of a balm and less of an exfoliant. No doubt it exfoliates the lips but I think if the almonds had been more grainy or bigger, it would have done the job better. I like the minty feeling that stays on my lips as long as the product is on my lips. The beauty of hand crafted products is they can be altered. I would like Well-beeing thinking on the lines of making Bee Kissed a bit more grainy so that it perfectly exfoliates lips along with hydrating them. 

I find Bee Kissed perfectly edible. I do not clean my lips after exfoliation, I just lick whatever is left. My lips feel supple, soft, hydrated and slightly plump too probably because of the exfoliation. 

Over all I do like Bee Kissed, it does the job and keeps my lips hydrated and exfoliated and for Winter season, it is a must have product.

Before and after using Bee Kissed lip polish

  • Travel friendly
  • Ample quantity
  • Hydrates and moisturizes
  • Slightly exfoliates
  • Effects last 24 hours
  • Not a very good exfoliator






         Rs. 550. For the price, its a product not to be missed. No one gives you this much quantity for this much product without compromising on quality. 


You can purchase all Well-beeing product from their Facebook page by clicking here and inboxing them. 


Worth a buy!!!

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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