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Hey People,

Intensify Beauty Blog is written by me and I am the sole content generator of this blog. All the views expressed in the blog are mine unless they are guest posts and also the comments made by other people. All the opinions expressed on the blog are mine and not of any advertiser, affiliate, company or group.
If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I try my utmost to provide quality content. Writing a blog takes a lot of mind, time, energy and also money (traditionally known as blood and sweat). So sometimes to cover the blog costs I may accept affiliation links, advertising, sponsorship or product samples. But in doing so I guarantee you that it will not influence my reviews in anyway no matter what. My reviews will be 100% honest regardless of the nature of the product.  
I will try my level best to put forward the information that is 100% accurate. However, to err is human, it is possible that I may make some error or forget to mention something. I will make the necessary corrections whenever an error is identified and I also encourage you to inform me if anything you find written by me to be incorrect.
I am not a professional make up artist or any expert on skin care and neither I portray myself to be. All the opinions I express regarding the efficacy, usage or safety of a product are based on my own personal experiences. What maybe working for me might not always work for you. My opinions therefore should not be substituted for an expert opinion.
Lastly for all the copycats out there, let me tell you that I retain full copyright over each and every letter, word and image on this blog unless stated otherwise. If something is taken from elsewhere, the source will be clearly mentioned. Unauthorized used of any text or image from my blog is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized use of content from my blog will be considered as theft and infringement of the copyright rules. And in that case I will make sure that I hunt you down, whoever you are. In case you really really want to copy something from my blog, contact me and we can figure some way out for that.
For further questions email me at shinaaya@ymail.com
Policy last updated on: December 04, 2012.

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