Earings by Absolute Accessories

7:53 PM

Hi Beauties!

Today my post is going to be about jewellery. I am sure many of you must be familiar with the brand name BEECH TREE. Its a clothing line but they also have shoes, hand bags and other accessories. Another sister line of Beech tree is their new line by the name of ABSOLUTE by Beech Tree. Its an accessories line and they have very pretty earings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. You must visit their outlet in HKB in Liberty Market and DHA. They also have an outlet on M.M. Alam Road in G.N.C Plaza but the last time I went there it only had their clothing line. So last week I went to HKB and was roaming aroung looking at dresses when this pair of earings caught my eye.

These are silver colored round shaped earings. They are more like greyish silver not the sparkly bright silver color. They look so cute on ears. I have been complimented alot whenever I have worn these earings. I got them for Rs. 599 and for the price they are amazing. There is also other cute and pretty stuff on absolute accessories by Beech Tree. You must go and check it out for yourself.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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