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Hi Beauties!

In this post I am going to tell you about my waxing routine. I have a girl who comes to my house to wax me. I don't know but I usually avoid going to salons for waxing. I like doing it in the confines of my room. But sometimes it so happens that there might be occassions where you need to go all of a sudden and your waxing girl cannot come to wax you for her own reasons. What to do then? Well for these very reasons I got myself this BQueen wax tub.

BQueen wax n waxing tub

BQueen wax n waxing tub

BQueen wax n waxing tub

Its a 1000g wax tub which means its going to last me quite long. Its a yellowish transparent liquid and is very sticky. You need to apply a very thin layer on your skin, spread it with the help of a stick, put a piece of cloth over it and pull the cloth in the opposite direction of hair growth. Be sure to apply a thin layer of the wax beacuse with excessive wax pulling can be very painful. I have used this wax twice before and so far I am amazed by its results. I have used other local wax brands before. Among them golden girl wax and Lubna's wonder wax are very famous and can be purchsed from any departmental store or small shops. But trust me this wax is above all. There is no need to warm it in oven or microwave. Avoid heating it as it may cause change in the stickiness of the wax and it will be useless then. In summers there is no need of heating it at all and in winters you just have to place it in warm water and that will do the trick. I'll confess that I am very hairy like a gorilla but this wax has done wonders for me. It is less painfun and leaves my skin soft and smooth afterwards without breaking hair. It pulls them off right from the roots.

Cotton waxing strips

In order to complement the wax I purchased these cotton wax strips. I got these from Roop Singhar Liberty Market. I didnt count how many strips are these neither the count has been mentioned on the pack but they are ample enough to last you three to four times for a complete body wax. These strips were for Rs. 130 per packet.

I got the wax tub from New Line cosmetics shop for Rs. 350 which I think is very reasonable for the quantity and quality. All in all I am very satisfied with the product, the only drawback I found with it is that it is very very sticky. You might need to wash your hands and change the stick often during the process because it gets so sticky that handling the strips gets almost impossible. You might need some practice before getting a grip of this wax because it is strongly sticky and sometimes it gets painful if proper pressure is not applied at the time of pulling the strip. I would rate this product as 4.7/5 for its excellent performance and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Share your views with me girls if anyone of you has tried this wax and how has been your experience with it. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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