Marylins Manicure Francesa

10:16 AM

Hi Beauties!

I am back with another nail post and its a small quick tutorial on how to do french tips yourself. I bought this pack of french tips set yeterday and was so excited to check them out that I also thought to do a quick post for it. So lets get started.

Marylins Manicure Francesa is a 4 bottled set of polishes along 60 stencil tips to give you a perfect manicure look. Beginning from left to right, the clear transparent bottle is the base coat. Next to the base coat, the white colored bottle is for the tips and next two are the top coats. The lighter pink gives a transparent finish while the darker pink color gives a translucent natural pink shade to the nails.

These are the 60 stencil tips that you can stick to your nails right below where you want to polish the tips. If you have an unsteady hand all you have to do is remove a strip from the sheet and stick it on your nail. Using the white color, paint tips without worrying that it didnt go straight because when you will be removing the stencil it will be nice neat curve. 

Ok what I did in the above picture is I applied the white color tips to my nails. I didnt apply the base coat or didnt use the stencil because I am pretty much adept making neat curves now. Let the tips dry for a while and apply the top coat of your choice. 

And voila! here is the final look of my nails. I used the lighter pink shade as the top coat for a transparent natural look. You would need to practice a little to make nice neat tips, eventually you will get a hang of it.

As for the prosuct review I really liked this set. Its a great Tips set and I am loving it alot. The applicator brushes are perfectly sized to apply tips and top coat and base coat. The only drawback I found with this set is the smell of the nail colors. They have a sharp odor to them but its bearable. I purchased this set for Rs. 185 (unbelievable) from Decent departmental store located in Model Town. Overall I would rate this product a 5/5 ignoring the smell of the polishes and yes I would love to buy this set gain too.

Share your views with me about this post. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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