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Hi Beauties!

I am here with another post and would be reviewing Nose Mask by Beauty Host. So I went to Victoria Departmental Store and saw this small cute pack and thought why not give this one a try too? So I got this for Rs. 25. This Sunday I used it and here is my experience with this product.  This is how the product packaging is. Its a small plastic pack with the contents inside.

This is the back of the packet with chinese written all over it and few lines of instructions written in English.

So this is how the product looks like. Its like a black thicky liquid, stringy like mozeralla cheese. All you need to do is cleanse your nose and apply a layer of the mask on the nose smoothly. Let it dry for about 15-20 minutes. The mask would dry up just like a peel off mask and you can easily remove the whole of it by stretching and pulling off the mask.  

The main ingredients of this product are cherry and comedo free oil. Cherry is for the whitening effect. The nose mask says it would remove the black heads,oil and dirt on the nose making it appear clean and smooth. But this has not been the result I witnessed for myself. The mask is not sticky enough due to which I think it does not extract black heads very effectively. After I peeled off the mask I did not notice any visible difference. All the black heads were still there, I could see them. In addition I donot like the material of the mask. It feels as if one is putting black shoe polish over the nose. Its odorless so smell is not an issue here. Overall my experience has not been so great with this product and I would not waste my Rs. 25  even on such a useless product. I still can use this product twice or thrice more. But I dont think I would again be giving it a try and neither would I recommend you to try it.

Share your views with me did you like my post or not. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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