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Hi Beauties!

The latest trend in jewellery I have seen is, punk jewellery, which is being offered on every other Facebook page. But the most variety I saw was on a Facebook page that had quite a good reputation and the products bought or received samples had been reviewed by some other bloggers as well, all factors contributing to my decision to buy from that page. How did my experience of Online shopping go this time? Read further to find out!

So here is what I ordered:

1. The zipper anklet Rs. 425
2. Hollow ring Rs. 395
3. Metal wing Rs. 225 each
4. Plum stud Rs. 215 each
5. The blue earings came as a complimentary gift

Lets start off with the cipper anklet first.

The picture belos is the one that has been featured on the page.

See the dangle at the end hanging fom the extension loop? Its missing from mine in the picture below. Probably broken. I wonder if the seller had seen it or not that the dangle is missing. Furthermore, the anklet is really small. It fits me in the very last extension loop. Now I am not a chubby person and have moderately sized legs. If this anklet fits me in the last loop I wonder what would a person with a broader body structure do! How would she tie such a small anklet.

Now do you want to see a magic trick? The lock at the end of the anklet that is supposed to tie the anklet works magically. Although the lever is supposed to open and close with my hands but it seems it stay open when once pushed. And how do you expect me to tie this thing?

Next is the picture of the hollow ring I saw on the page and ordered.

Looks exactly the same, doesn't it? Well it is, hence a good thing. But what's the catch? Scroll down.

The ring is too big on me. I am sure it would fit a male finger given its size. I tried it on my female colleagues' fingers as well and it was loose to all. Probably there should be a size variation to the ring.

And dare I ask, what is that stone stuck in my ring?

Lets move on to the plum studs now. They looking pretty, right? Are they?

Can you see the difference between the two? Both the flowery designs are different. One of the flower designs seems as if it got punched and smashed.

Thats just not it!

See how these studs are tight on my ears. They tend to bend my ears and hurt alot. Now I don't have chimpanzee ears, huge and flappy. I have moderate and proportionate ears, if they are tight on me I wonder how they will fit somebody else bigger than me.

Lastly the metal wings. They are so different than what they appear to be in the pictures. 

See the circled in red area. In both the ear studs one has a wavy outer edge while the later one is plain and smooth.

Secondly both the studs have different designs. Thats just not it, the sizes of both the studs are also different. While one is slightly bigger the later one is small.

Another interesting thing about these studs is that one is a clip on while the other has a needle end to fit into the ear hole. I am sorry to say this but literally a person has to be bling not to spot these obviously visible and notable differences.  

These fairy earings in blue are a complimentary gift. And honestly these are the only pieces in which I could not find any defect. However I would have appreciatied if the page owner had not gifted me these earings, rather sent me quality stuff for the price quoted by her and items matching the pictures put up by her on her page.

These pictures shot by me speak for themselves and I think are a proof enough of the substandard defected stuff I have been delivered. I tried contacting the page owner via sms like I did while placing the order, but this time I am not getting any replies from her. I asked her about product exchange policy or a refund policy but apparently she is mute now. There is a high chance that she might have not recieved my texts at all but I can't help wondering why the texts were reaching to her before I had recieved my order. Now that I have a complaint she is totally mute.
Time to reveal what Facebook page I am talking about. Its none other than Beauty unleashed. Yes girls, its beauty unleashed! Can you believe this? Now there must be many who might have recieved quality stuff from her with no issues. This post above is my personal experience of ordering from her for the very first time and it did not go well at all. I would like to mention here that sending samples to bloggers to review them to get more business just because people trust blogger's words is no way to conduct business. I wonder if I had mentioned before that I am a blogger would this have affected the quality of products? Well I think its my duty towards my readers to make them aware of the unethical practices of a few page owners which make people loose their trust in online shopping. I had a similar bad experience with another facebook page like Splurge and its no more on Facebook today and people who gave money to them are screaming and venting not knowing what to do now. I think there should be some sort of regulation and monitoring body over these online businesses too so that people do not get ripped like this. What do you say?
Thanks for staying with me till the end and reading the whole post. I don't know what sort of hate comments are in store for me after this post but I shall let these pictures say my story. If you want to read more about my bad online shopping experiences you can read the posts by clicking on the following links
1. Splurge
Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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