Royalty in Royal Blue

12:04 PM

Hi Beauties!

Here is another OOTD for you girls. This is a ready to wear shirt by Change Clothing and has a simple enough design which can easily be copied too in case you want it made for yourself.

Its an A line shirt in royal blue color. I really liked the royal blue color as I did not have any dress in this color I opted to go for this one. The fabric is Malai lawn and is very sheer and see through. The neck line has a sand colored malai lawn rectangularly stitched design. The sleeves also have the same sand colored border.

What makes this shirt special is the motif it has on the back. It has a gold, light blue and sand colored design printed on the back of the shirt. Just be careful while ironing, the design tends to stick to the iron so I avoid ironing the design area.

The shirt is priced at Rs. 2395 and is very comfortable to wear. Due to the light texture of the cloth it provides a very silky and light feeling. One drawback of the shirt is that its very sheer as you can also see in the pictures. I wear a black undershirt with this kameez. I rate this shirt 4.5/5.

Another trend this season is that Patyala shalwars are in again. I found this ready to wear patyala shalwar in my size at Change and decided to buy it instantly. Its made of thick  linen material and can easily be worn in the winter season. I really like the fall of the pleates and the swirls it makes. The shalwar has been stitched flawlessly. Unfortunately it was available only in white, had it been available in black I would have purchased that too.

The patyala shalwar is priced at Rs. 1695 which I would say is a little hefty for a shalwar but undoubtledly the shalwar is stitched flawlessly. I rate the shalwar a 5/5. I have 2 other shirts from Change which I will soon feature in another OOTD post. Infact I am wearing one to work right now. The best thing I like about Change is the variety they have. I find them the best to buy official dresses from. Their shirts are very casual yet chic. They also have frocks and small kurti shirts, silk scarves, trousers and handbags in their range. You can find them on Facebook by clicking on the following link. In Lahore their outlet is at Hyperstar.  

Hope you liked my dress. Drop in your comments and tell me what you think about my dress. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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