Necklace haul from Haroons

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Hi Beauties!

Hope you had a lovely Eid and enjoying the lovely weather this Independence day. Its raining pretty hard here in Lahore and the weather is simply superb. How often do we get to see the clouds and rain here during 8 months of scorching summer heat after all? Today I am sharing a small haul of mine I carried out before Eid from Haroon's. 

Necklaces from Haroon's

I have lately been seeing reviews on jewellery and jewellery hauls on beauty blogs and I observed that big necklaces like bib necklace and collar necklaces are very much in vogue these days. I wanted to buy myself a few online from various facebook stores but found them expensive. Recently I went to Haroon's before Eid and saw their lovely collection of necklaces. Ranging from long to small, heavy to delicate they have all the variety. I liked 4 or 5 necklaces but decided to settle for 2 only ;). 

Bohemian necklace from Haroon's
I love bohemian style jewellery and the recent forever 21 bohemian collection had my mind bamboozled with their superb colorful variety. Since that was quite expensive I found their substitute at Haroon's and got this bohemian style necklace in aqua green. Its available in other colors as well. The necklace is copper colored with aqua green combination. There were others in neon pink and yellow as well. 

Bohemian necklace from Haroon's

Bohemian necklace from Haroon's

Bohemian necklace from Haroon's
 The other necklace is one with several gold colored spikes ending in drops shape. The droplets are neon pink and yellow colored. Originally I had chosen a collar necklace in neon pink but I substituted that one with this since it had both yellow and pink colors and looked much much prettier. Plus this way I wouldn't have to buy another one in yellow (money saving tactics). This one is a long necklace and reaches below my chest and looks wonderful. 

Spikey drop necklace from Haroon's

Spikey drop necklace from Haroon's

Spikey drop necklace from Haroon's

Both the necklaces have weight and may weigh down the neck a little. But thats ignorable since we girls already tolerate alot in the name of fashion so sometimes a little bit of comfort can be left aside to look pretty and grab some praises and appreciation ;). Quality wise, the bohemian necklace may bot look very neat but it doesn't show prominently however the drop necklace has fine finishing. Both the necklaces are sturdy with stron neck chains and have the ability to last long.





             Bohemian necklace Rs. 450
             Drop necklace Rs. 650


                  Haroon's outlets. 

Hope you liked my purchases. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care xoxo!

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