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Hi Beauties!

Last month I saw an Indian movie by the name of Mere Dad ki Maruti. Has anyone of you seen that movie? I found that movie quite hilarious and funny. Its a light comedy movie that revolves around a car. I liked the idea of the movie, it was different from the regular romantic movies we usually get to see. Well, my point of mentioning that movie here is that I really liked the lead actress wearing a tank top and lose shalwar together which tempted me so much to search for tank tops available in Lahore. I checked out various stores but all I could find were spaghetti tops, much to my disappointment. I googled them and finally found them on an online store by the name of azmalo.pk. I ordered 2 tank tops from them. Read further to find out my experience of shopping with azmalo. 

Yellow and turquoise tank tops

Azmalo.pk is like an intermediary website that offers a large variety of products in collaboration with other online businesses and stores. The tank tops I ordered were featured on azmalo.pk but were actually from another online store by the name of forma.pk. I'm not sure if I am making any sense here!!! Anyhow, I placed my order with azmalo.pk for 2 tank tops on a fine midnight and got confirmation call the very next day. The sales caller confirmed my order and told me that I would be getting free delivery since I reside in Lahore. Its music to hear the sound of free delivery :D I was informed that I would be getting my courier the very next day so keep the cash in hand and the order did arrive on time. 

I was pretty nervous and doubtful about the quality of the tank tops. Quite frankly, I was expecting them to be of a sheer light cotton material. But to my surprise they turned out to be of excellent quality. 

Yellow tank top

The yellow tank top you see above is made of cotton material and is of S/M as in small to medium length. I was a little skeptical about the size. It fits me well but a little too well. I should have ordered M/L one for a looser fitting. This one is just too skin fit. But nonetheless its wearable and works. The stitching is pretty neat as well with straight stitches and net hemline, no threads hanging out from anywhere. The tank tops can serve the pupose of being undershirts as well. Each tank top is priced at Rs. 750. 

Yellow tank top

Turquoise tank top

Turquoise tank top

The order came in a carboard box along with a booklet about forma.pk showing the brands it represents and the method of registeration and placing order on their website. 


All in all my experience went great shopping with azmalo.pk and I shall definitely be placing more orders with them. You can check out their website, they have a vast range of products ranging from apparels to jewellery to electronics and what not. 

At the moment I am at the look out for finding out this shalwar somewhere or at least a tailor that can stitch me this shalwar :( I am so heads over heels for this look. It looks so chick, but its something I would prefer wearing at home that too for sleeping. 

Jasleen from mere dad ki maruti. Image courtesy: santabanta.com
P.S: You should totally check out the Hip hip hurrah song from this movie :)

Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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