In Body Mist, Soap & Glory Sensationalism Set

|Review|: Soap and Glory Scent-sationalism Set

In Enem Store, Hair

|Review|: Sunsilk Co-creationsLusciously Thick & Long Shampoo and Conditioner

In Bee-awake cleanser, Cleanser

Well-Beeing Bee Awake Facial Cleanser for Dry Normal Skin

In Essence, Essence color & go

|Review|: Essence Color & go nail polish in # 168, Love me, cupcake!

In Hair Removal, Hair Removing mats

|WTF|: Review on Pretty Smooth Smoothing mitts

In Face Mask, Glam Glow

|Review|: Glam Glow YouthMud Tingle Exfoliate Treatment

In Beauty Bloggers meet up, Skin care

Lahore Beauty Blogger's Meet up organized by Well Beeing

In Compact powder, Eye shadow Palette

|Haul|: October Oriflame Haul

In Foodpanda,

My Rant on Food Panda's Services

In Face, Face Mask

|Review|: Jo's Organic Turmeric Mask

In Anklets, Bracelet

|Haul|: Jewelry haul for October

In Eye Pencils, Haul

Mini Haul

In Face, Jo's Organic Beauty

|Review|: Jo's Organic Beauty Whitening Soap

In Face, Face Mask

Jo's Organic Beauty

In Eye Liners, Eye shadow Palette

|Haul|: Makeup Revolution Splurge

In Blush ons, Essence

|Review|: Essence Home Sweet Home blush in #02 Wool-d You Cuddle Me?

In Chanel, Guess

Watches from Shop4U

In 4U2 Cosmetics, Blush ons

|Monthly Favorites|: July 2014

In Foodpanda,

Foodpanda Shouts Out To Girl Fans: Eat Fast Food without worrying!

In Bracelet, Clutch

|Haul|: Mad hauling from Outfitters

In Eid outfit, J.

Eid outfit

In Baby lips, Blush ons

My Eidi

In Handbag, Rang Ja

|Review|: Ricki Bag from Rang Ja

In Beauty Arena, Color statement lipsticks

|Review|: Milani Color Statement Lipstick in # 17 Plumrose

In Al Fatah, Flormar

|Haul|: Palladio and Flormar Haul

In Bra, Correct Bra size

How to find the perfect fitting Bra

In Body Lotion, Enem Store

|Haul|: Victoria's Secret from Enem store

In Balm Jovi Palette, Eye brushes

|Haul|: The Balm Craze

In ROMWE, Sale

|Sale Alert|: ROMWE Colorful print sleeveless dress

In Base, Essence

|Review|: Essence Soft Touch Mousse in # 02 - Soft Beige

In Face, Face care

|Review|: Orglow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask

In Face, Face care

|Review|: Koee Lightening Facial Wash

In ROMWE, Sale alert

|Sale Alert|: ROMWE Dior and Roses print T-shirt

In ROMWE, Sale alert

|Sale Alert|: Another Round of ROMWE Flash Sale

In ROMWE, Sale alert

|Sale Alert|: Hottest and Biggest Flash Sale by ROMWE

In 4U2 Cosmetics, BB Cream

|Review|: Dreamgirl BB cream

In Essence, Essence show your feet

|Review|: Essence Foot Protection Gel Patches

In Bracelet, Ear studs

|Online Shopping|: Hilarious Jewelry Haul

In Easter Day, ROMWE

Happy Easter Day by Romwe

In Beautyuk, Haul

Beautyuk in Pakistan

In Anti Aging, Face

|Haul|: Oriflame haul, April 2014

In ROMWE, Sale

|Sale Alert|: "Geek" print T-shirt by

In Al Fatah, Beauty Arena

|Haul|: April Haul Post

In Gray handbag, Handbag

|Review|: Gray Peacocks Handbag from

In Face, Face care

|Review|: RSL Hydra White Whitening Face Wash and Face Cream

In Eye Pencils, Eyes

|Review|: The Body Shop Colourings


Opportunity for Bloggers by

In ROMWE, Sale

|Sale Alert|: ROMWE Off white Over sized Aztec Tribal Cardigan

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