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Hi Beauties!

My blogger is still giving me trouble with image resizing so the first two pictures would be fine and the later might be a little blurry but still viewable. So I am hoping you will bear with me as we all bloggers must have had at least one blogging issue at some point in time.

Last month I purchased a chocolate brown pair of heels from Le'sole, a new shoes outlet that recently opened up in Lahore and to match that pair of shoes I purchased this brown bag since the color matched perfectly and I liked the style too.

Front of the bag

So its a soft leather bag which has a box like mosaic design at the front and a plain back. Its a zipper bag with small handles to carry off on the arms. The side hooks as you can see are for the larger strap of which I forgot to snap a picture, it comes with a longer detachable handle too.

Back view

Close up of the front 

Here is the inner view of the bag. It has an inner zipper pocket and a mobile pocket and another small pocket just next to the mobile pocket. 

The inner zipper pocket has a nice printed designed fabric. I really liked the idea. The inner fabric of the bag is like a matte velvet fabric. Its thick and sturdy. What I liked most about the bag was the design and the inner fabric. Since I have been using this bag regularly now I am noticing the inside fabric of the inner front pockets is a plastic sort of sheet which is cracking up like crazy and the pockets are getting all messy. Now I am the kind of person who likes to stuff everything in the bag. I have this habit since childhood, I remember my school bag being the heaviest in the class compared to others. And now after all this time I still have not been able to get rid of this habit. Since my bag is stuffed with so much crap the handles are giving out already which I was not expecting to happen in such a small amount of time of usage, 2 to 3 weeks that is. 

I would rate this handbag of mine a 3/5. Though I have purchased other bags from CrossRoads before but this one was a little disappointing for me. This bag is priced at Rs. 2050 which I would say is a little expensive for the bag itself. Tell me what you think of my bag. Did you like it? Drop in your comments and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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