My Eid Gifts

7:53 PM

Hi Beauties!

The best part for me when someone is coming from abroad is the anticipation of what gifts I would be getting *dreamy sigh* Although it sounds very mean and greedy but lets admit this is something we do anticipate :p and my dreams turned into reality when few days before eid I got some goodies as gifts. What better way to share my joy than to post about them on my blog and include you lovelies in my joy too. So here is what I got.

Its Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Mini Signature Collection. The set contains:
  • Shower Gel
  • Body Mist
  • Body Lotion
These things come in a plastic pouch which can be used later. It can serve the purpose of a makeup bag while traveling.

As for the lipgloss I do not think it actually comes within the set. At least the website does not state so. I think it has been purchased separately and added into the gift set. The shade is cocoa creme and it tastes and smells yummilicious. And off course the shade is awesome too.

My next gift is Wet n Wild fast dry blue glitter nail color with a matching color creme eye shadow and glitter liner by Hard Candy.

Hope you liked my gifts. I love them alot. Drop in your comments and share your views with me. Stay healthy and beutiful. Take care!

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