OMG: Granier Fructis Style Shine Glistening Drops

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Hi Beauties!

Its been quite long that I have not done any OMG or WTF posts. So here is one for you. In case you have forgotten what OMG posts are, let me remind you. OMG is the abbreviation for Oh My God! and these posts signify a product I am really fond of, so much that when I use it I have these awestruck expressions of OMG :o

I also mentioned this product in my July Favorites as this has been something I am repeatedly using these days. So lets get on with the review.

I am sure you must all be aware of Livon and Mrs. Marino shine and detangling serums. Garnier style glistening drops is the exact same product, only better, in my humble opinion. Garnier glistening drops like most of the Garnier products comes in green packaging. Its a light green colored transparent plastic bottle with a pump spray. Infact it is the bottle of the prodcut that actually attracted me to it.

This serum comes in 59 ml quantity and there is one available even smaller than this one. That small bottle is even more cute and sleek.

I only use one spray of the pump for my hair and it serves the purpose. What I do is, I pump out a small quantity on my hand and rub my palms together so that it spreads all over my hands and brush my hands through damp hair especially the strands and the front. It smoothes out the hair, detangles then amd leaves a shine in the hair. Brushing/combing hair gets really easy and tangle free. When the hair dry out I can feel them to be real soft and smooth to touch, they actually feel like silk and the shine is amazing. This product also has a scent of cherries to it so your hair not only shine they smell nice too. Garnier Fructis style brilliantine glistening shine drops can be used on both damp and dry hair though I would recommend using it on damp hair after baths.

There are variants of this product available just like hair gels and sprays with light, medium, strong and extra strong holds. Mine one is strong. I can feel the effects of this serum till my next shower. Once you have used it on your wet hair you can feel its effects untill you wash your hair next time. So I would say it has long lasting effects.

What I would recommend here is to use one to two pump sprays only. Over doing it will make your hair look greasy and oily. Livon and Mrs. Marino both are excellent products and they do their job well. The reason I admire Garnier is because of the pump spray. It lets you have a control over the product. Unlike Livon once you pour out even a tiniest bit of more quantity it makes your hair go greasy. I find Livon a little thick in consistency and hence more greasy whereas Garnier is real light and less greasy. So if you are a regular Livon user I would recommend you giving Garnier a try once you finish up your Livon.

I am sure I need not rate this product since OMG says it all. This product cost me Rs. 450 and I purchased it from Roop Singhar Liberty Markert. It is available at all stores selling Garnier products. Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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