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Hi Beauties!

Fashion and cosmetic industry sure has revolutionized with the passage of time. They have evolved to bring comfort and practicality for people. Some products are just so practical and convenient to use that the moment you see them for the first time you know instantly that you ought to get them. Same happened to me when I saw and read reviews about Travalo atomizer all over the internet. All over the blogoshpere I have read excellent reviews about it. Luckily I also got the chance to try it out.

Travalo basically has three main products, one is the essential travalo, the othe is excel travalo and third is the roll on one. Mine you see above is the excel Travalo that has the ability of 65 sprays. The difference between essential and excel travalo is of the sprays, where essential travalo has the capibility for 50 sprays, excel goes upto 65 sprays.

My Travalo came in a neat bubble wrapped parcel. Even the product itself is sealed and has a floral design crystal case to avoid any dust and scratches over the Travalo. Travalo Excel atomizer comes in the range of 10 different colors. You can get yourself different colors for different perfumes according to your choice and preferrence. I got a bright blue one and I am loving it :)

This is how the Travalo itself looks like. It has a capped spray nozel so that the perfume does not leak or anything while carrying around. Travalo measures upto approximately 8 cm in length and weighs about 20 gms, lighter than most of the things in the handbag :) It even has a level indicator window to see how much of the perfume is left in the bottle so that you never run out of it on the go. ANother good thing is that the indicator window is shatter proof. So even you drop it or anything it won't break.

This is the rear view of the Travalo. Its made up of rubber and the small hole you see is the valve from where the prefume enters into the Travalo.

Now comes the critical part, that is filling up the Travalo. Its real easy peasy, no rocket sciene. All what is required is a little caution on your part. What you have to do is remove the nozel head of your perfume bottle, place the Travalo's bottom over the nozel of the bottle and repeatedly press up and down. The indicator window will show you the level of the perfume in the bottle. Just do not over fill it.

Some cautions that need to be excercised while filling Travalo are:

  • Refill on a flat surface

  • Refill with travalo lid on
Refilling on a flat surface will make the process real easy peasy and the purpose of keeping the Travalo lid on is that while filling one might press the spray head in case the lid is off. Another caution that needs to be exercised is to make sure that you do not over fill the Travalo. Over filling might cause leakage or evaporation of the perfume.

My experience:

I am finding my Travalo out of this world. It is a must have. Its something that is not restricted to the female gender only. Even males can benefit from this product. Both the genders need to use perfumes and colonges, this product serves them both. Its a great product to carry aroung while going to parties, concerts, on holidays, business meetings or anywhere. I sometime forget to spray perfume while going to work in the morning. I always kept a sample size of the perfume in my make up bag. Recently my Versace sample bottle leaked somehow and now my bag smells of the perfume. But now with this Travalo atomizer I have no such worries. Even if I forget to use perfume I know I am just a spray away to smell all nice and pretty. To be honest Travalo is an amazing product and you need to get it for yourself to witness it. One drawback I found with this product is that once its filled with a perfume the bottle cant be emptied and even if the bottle is empty and you want to refill it with a new perfume some sprays might have a hint of the previous one. Other than this drawback the product is truly amazing. I rate it 4.7/5 and totally recommend you buying it.

Unfortunately Travalo is not available in Pakistan at the moment but you can order it online from their website by clicking here. Its moderately prices at 12.49 pounds (can't seem to find the pound currency sign on my keyboard). I wish Travalo gets available in Pakistan at Scentsation or other shops as I am sure it will be a hot selling product. Join Travalo on Facebook. Here is the link. Travalo runs a 'Daily Spray' competition on its Facebook page for those who have liked it. The winners are chosen on daily basis so you might get to win yourself a Travalo by liking their page :)

Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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