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Hi Beauties!

This is a much delayed post and I am sure by now you won't even remember when I purchased these products. If you want to see my previous post regarding my haul on Olive hand made cosmetics click here. I fianlly took out the time to pamper myself a little and tried Olive hand made cosmetic's cinubtan scrub. Read further to find out how my experience went with it. 

Olive hand made cosmetics cinubtan scrub and get up & go massage oil 


Ubtan, chickpea powder, cinnamon

Here is what Olive claims about its cinubtan scrub:

"Cinubtan scrub includes ubtan, chickpea and cinnamon powder. This is a combination of ingredients that actually constitutes the true form of the ubtan scrub experience. Combine it with our citrus massgae oil which imparts the antibacterial and toning properties of lemon and sweet orange essential oil and the skin calming properties of tea tree oil." 

Olive hand made cosmetics cinubtan scrub

Coming to the outer look of the product, the product comes in a paper sachet containing a plastic sachet filled with cinubtan. The packaging is dirt cheap as in zero cost cheap but nonetheless catchy. 

Olive hand made cosmetics cinubtan scrub


Mix a sachet of the powder with enough citrus massage oil to make a smooth paste. Rub in circular motion onto skin. Leave on skin for 5 minutes after full application and rinse with warm water. 

Olive hand made cosmetics cinubtan scrub

Olive hand made cosmetics cinubtan scrub

My Experience:

The product is pretty much like any random ubtan you buy of other brands with much or less the same. I couldn't figure out anything different. Uopn mixing the oil the ubtan forms a paste which is not easy to apply. Once you have applied it onto the skin and you start rubbing in circular motions, the ubtan tends to fall off the skin, it doesn't stay put. Its more or less the oil you massage into the skin with little or whatsoever is left of the ubtan. 

The effects of the cinubtan are noticeable. After washing my skin I felt it exfoliated, fresh and clean. I could feel the dirt and dead skin removed with a healthy clean glow on my skin. If you ask me whether I would be buying it again? My answer would be NO! It isn't worth the hassle. It gets messy as the ubtan falls off the skin while massaging. 






           Rs. 120. Quite frankly, you can find other ubtan brands in much cheaper price and greater quantity. 


I purchased mine from Object store which is located in D.H.A, Y Block. They stock some Olive products. Other than that you can order Olive products from their website. You can also check them out on their Facebook page

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments and share your feedback with me as I love to go through your comments. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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