Empties: September and October

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Hi Beauties!

I am starting a new segment in my blog named as Empties. In these posts I'll be featuring the products which I have finished using in (a) particular month(s). Also some of the products may follow a short review as well just to give you an idea what my experience has been like while using those products. So lets start.

Suave sleek shampoo is something I recently finished using in the month of October. You can read my review  here.

Next is Lorys hair cream. An excellent product I must say and something that made to my OMG post. Have been using this for quite some time. Have put my cousins on this as well. Its totally worth the buy. Reade my review on Lorys hair cream here.

Clearasil Blackhead clearing scrub works good as a face cleanser and a scrub but it did not work for me for removing the blackheads. Read my review on it here.

Looking for a budget friendly body wash? Then, try Oriflame's Coconut and Ricemilk body wash. Its pocket friendly and smells good. But do not expect its smell to linger on like Body shop or Bath and Body Works shower gels. Read my review here.

Aaaaahh! what to say baout this product! This product truely is ah-mazing. I loved using it and I miss it so much. Sanctuary's Kyphi nourishing hot sugar scrub is a luxurious product to pamper yourself. The warm scrub when touched on the body gives such sensuous feelings and its fragrance is just mind blowing. Read my review on it here.

Yardley English Lavender Roll on deodrant is something I like alot. This probably is my third bottle and I simply love its smell. Its very sweet yet strong and keeps the odor at bay. I totally recommend using this one and its easily available at many super stores. I got mine from Hyperstar everytime. Its reasonably priced between Rs. 150 to Rs. 200.

I finished using Essence my skin cream suitable for all skin types. I did not get a chance to review this. It is light green in color more like cucumber pulp colored and also has glitter particles in it.

It is a good moisturizing cream and absorbs real quick into the skin. It isn't drying or greasy, just a nice cream one can use over the hands or face for moisturizing. However it has one serious drawback, the silver powdery glitter particles tend to stick all over the face and make your face glowey and shiney. Moreover there is a coat of silver glitter over the hands. Thats a real turn off for me. I do not prefer glitter in my creams (personal prefference, your choice may differ).

Lastly I have the Olive Handmade Cosmetics soap in Mango Tango. You can read my haul post here. I did not get a chance to review so I am going to do a quick review here and now. I personally am not very pleased with this soap. Although it says that its suitable for all skin types but it did not suit my dry skin at all. It made my skin go so dry and flakey that you can not even imagine. It had not been winters yet and my skin was going all dry and patchy after baths. Plus it also looks like clothes washing soaps we usually have like Sufi soap and Gayye soap. It lathers really well but that also means it ends up pretty quick too. So overall I am not pleased with this soap.
This is it girls for my Empties post. Hope you liked the post and products I finished in two months. Drop in your comments and tell me what you think of this new segment. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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